The Empire of Time
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April 3, 2014
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Otto Behr is a reisende, a time-agent, working on behalf of the German nation – the Reich – in its 3000-year Time War with the Russians.

Master Hecht’s favourite, his Einzelkind, Otto has served throughout Time, from 6 AD to 2999 AD, meddling with things – changing special moments in time – to try to bring their enemies crashing down and eradicate them down to the last man, woman and child.

A close friend of Frederik The Great, of Peter and Catherine and Barbarossa – old red beard himself – Otto has watched as his volk attempted to change history and help Hitler win Operation Barbarossa. He has been to Asgard, the great tower built by his kind in Greater Berlin and met Manfred, the giant king of it all. He has witnessed just how profoundly Genetics has shaped the future. And in all of this he has sought to do his duty and to win the day – however it turned out.

But now Otto has met a young Russian woman, Katerina. Has fallen, in an instant, for her beautiful eyes and taken her for his wife. Against the rules. For how can he obey his Master’s orders and yet keep his darling girl? And so things change – as Otto tries to do the impossible and keep the woman he would truly die for.

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